Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Computer is Dying...

So I am posting as much as I can right now before everything is lost FOR EV ER. The majority of these houses are just cool bungalows with color schemes that I am considering for my place. A few are actually located in the Coronado Historic District in Phoenix, AZ.
(Above) is located in Coronado District.(Above) Also in the Coronado Historic District.
(Above) Mine, obviously in the Coronado Historic District.
(Above and Below) I love this Coronado house so much it got front and back yard pictures!(Above) Coronado house. I LOVE that it has green brick.
(Above) Coronado house - 2 houses down from Rudy's. I love this driveway... Oh Hollywood.

(Above) Also in the Coronado district, kitty corner from one of the old grocery stores in the district.

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